Rosewood (Anbia Rosaedora) Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

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Rosewood Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

This oil is for you if you are suffering from stress, tiredness, low immune system, sore throats, acne, infertility, don't want stretch marks or want an anti-ageing oil for your skin.

True to its name this oil has a woody rosy fragrance that is fresh and mild.  It has warming and comforting qualities and is pleasing and relaxing.

Use this oil if you are feeling worn out and lethargic - add 3 - 6 drops to your bath and let its relaxing action work on your mind and nervous system.  It's a wonderful oil for people who are stressed, depressed or feeling dragged down by life.  Rosewood lifts the soul.

Rosewood oil also boosts the immune system, it has a gentler action than Tea Tree ( and smells more pleasant).  If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, M.E or Glandular Fever use this oil 2 drops in a carrier cream or oil and massage onto your neck.

When suffering from a sore throat mix 1-2 drops in a cream or carrier oil and rub over throat and the top of the chest.

It is mildly analgesic and effective at clearing heads and steadying nerves so can be useful during exam time, for driving tests or for long distance driving to keep you focussed.

Rosewood has an aphrodisiac effect and it can be used for impotence and infertility.

Rosewood is also antiseptic and anti-bacterial and so has uses for skin care and is effective for treating acne.  Its gentle and non-irritating so can be used on even the most sensitive skin.  It can help promote cell regeneration and could help to reduce wrinkles in mature skin.  It is also excellent to protect you against stretch marks.

I like to use this oil in the oil burner with Geranium (2 drops of each) this is really relaxing.  Rosewood also smells good with Orange or Mandarin and again this blend is great for de-stressing.

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