Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Some Common Discomforts during Pregnancy

Backache – use Tranquility’s massage blend of Lavender, Mandarin & Chamomile as this is relaxing,
will relieve muscle pain and will help you to sleep.

Sleeplessness –use 3 drops of any of the following; Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Mandarin in a warm
bath before bed or in a room burner.

Stretch Marks - use Tranquility massage blend of Lavender, Mandarin & Chamomile or Weleda stretch
mark massage oil. Use twice daily on your bump and breast area as early as possible.Heart Burn /
Indigestion – add 2 drops each of sandalwood and mandarin in 10 ml of vegetable oil and massage
into the area between your breasts & your bump.

Morning Sickness – put 1-2 drops of peppermint or ginger onto a tissue & sniff. You can also use
headache roller put onto a tissue.

Using Aromatherapy Before, During and After the Birth

The following can help you prepare for the birth, to relieve pain during labour, to keep you calm &
in control. Also after the birth aromatherapy can aid healing, prevent postnatal depression.
Before the Birth
Prepare for the birth: with Perineal Massage Oil. Particular strains are placed upon the perineum
during birth. Since most women hope for a gentle birth without an episiotomy we recommend perineal
massage in preparation for the birth.

Use Spatone Iron as this also boosts iron levels; I needed this as my iron was low at 26 weeks as I
am vegetarian. The benefit of taking an iron supplement is that energy levels & tiredness is

Clary Sage - 3 drops either added to a bath, used in a room burner or added to 20 ml of vegetable
carrier oil for a massage or simply sniff the bottle. This is a very strong relaxant. Only use 2
weeks before the birth.

Raspberry Leaf Tea or tablets Use 4 weeks before the baby is due is to strengthen the uterus & help
with milk production.

Aromatherapy Labour Pregnancy Massage Oil with essential oils of Clary Sage, Mandarin, Jasmine,
Ylang Ylang. You can use this as a massage oil on your back or you can add it to your bath. The
essential oils are selected for pain relieving properties. They are also relaxing & calming, as the
calmer you are the better you cope with pain from contractions Clary Sage essential oil is used
during labour for pain relief. It is a very strong relaxant, so this helps you to progress quicker.
The massage oil maybe only be used from 38 weeks, as the essential oils can bring on contractions. 

Steps to Take to Ensure your Babies Arrival on Time
(Only start these at 38weeks)

1.Bath every night with 6 drops of Clary Sage in your bath water.
2.Massage labour massage oil into your abdomen & tops of legs every morning & evening.
3.Eat fresh pineapples (must be fresh not caned). The enzymes are meant to bring on labour.
4.Follow the usual advice i.e. eat spicy food, have sex.5.Kept moderately active i.e. walking as
this helps the position of baby & your health.

During Labour
During labour and 2 weeks before the baby is due, the following can be used
Clary Sage is excellent for pain relief, and the more relaxed you are the better your labour
progresses. It can be used in any of the following ways, 3 drops added to a bath, used in a room
burner or added to 20 ml of vegetable carrier oil for a massage. Add 3 drops to a hanky & inhale
with each contraction; some women use this instead of gas & air.

Rescue Remedy - add 20-25 drops to a tumbler of water and sip this during labour. It is excellent
at stressful times to calm you down; your partner should be also encouraged to drink it.

Arnica (homoeopathic remedy) will aid healing if taken after the birth & help you to recover
internally from bruising or tearing. Take 2 tablets every 2 hours. This can be done 6 times a day
for as long as 2 weeks. I took this as my labour started. Can also before the operation if you are
having a section.

Other Good Oils for Pre and Post Labour

For use in a burner or diffuser
Lavender - relaxing & antiseptic 
Bergamot - anti-depressant, relaxing but at same time it uplifts you
Geranium - uplifting
Lemon - refreshing & good if you are tried after along labour
After the Birth
To Aid Healing

Lavender & Cypress can be added to the bath in order to relieve soreness & promote healing. Use 3
drops of each.

If you have a section in order to heal your scar, once the stitches have been removed use Skin
Repair Cream. This cream contains essential oils to stop itching from the scar, promote healing &
prevent scarring.

Calendula Cream will help to heal & sooth sore or cracked nipples, can also be used on your baby to
heal nappy rash

To Prevent Postnatal Depression

Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Mandarin, & Rose; any 3 of these oils can be used together
or used individually. Use up to 6 drops (2 of each if using 3 oils) in the bath or in a burner or 9
drops in 20 ml of vegetable oil for a massage.

Oils to Avoid in Pregnancy

Basil, Cedarwood, Clove, Cinnamon, Fennel, Hyssop, Juniper, Melissa, Myrrh, Marjoram, Peppermint,
Rosemary, Sage, Thyme. Before 38 weeks Clary Sage & Jasmine (safe 2 weeks before delivery)

Checklist for Birth


 Case study Lara’s birth

This was a planned home birth, I was desperate that this time it would be at home, so I put a lot of effort into preparing my body to be as ready & healthy as possible.

Steps to take to ensure your babies arrival on time

I needed Lara to arrive early or on time as I could only take a limited amount of time off from Tranquility.

Only start these at 37weeks.

1.       Bath every night in clary sage 6 drops

2.       Massage the following into your abdomen & tops of legs every morning & evening; almond oil 20ml calendula oil 10ml,  6 drops of clary sage, 3 drops of jasmine & 5 drops of rose.

3.       Eat fresh pineapples {must be fresh not caned} the enzymes are meant to bring on labour.

4.       The usual advice eat spicy food, sex.

5.       Kept moderately active i.e. walking this helps the position of baby & your health.

I did all the above, Lara came on time on her dads 40th birthday.



Lara’s birth

I woke at 2am and told my husband things were happening, so I read a book, he went back to sleep. At 4am the contractions were more painful so I woke Nick up to put the Tens machine on, I carried on reading and he went back to sleep. By 7am the contractions were stronger & more painful so the Tens machine was on quite high by now, I decided to time the contractions they were about 4 minutes apart so I phoned the midwife. I took some arnica homeopathic remedy to help the labour also to aid healing & lesson blood loss afterwards I took this 2 more times during labour.


At 8am I was 4cm dilated, I decided, as the contractions were more painful a bath with 6 drops of clary sage would help. The bath really helped with the pain; also it was very relaxing & calming. After the bath I took some rescue remedy 25 drops in a glass of water, which I sipped. I pottered about the house tiding up, when I had contraction I just sniffed clary sage, if I sat down the contractions were a lot more painful. The more mobile you keep the better you progress & it’s definitely less painful than sitting down.


My labour was classed as started at 10.30 it did not get very painful till 1.00, by 12.30 I was 6cm, the midwife suggested breaking my waters   I tried using gas but found clary sage better, so I carried on sniffing that by 1.30 it was time to push, this took 35minutes as I could find the right position. Lara was perfect weighing 7lb 4oz. I did not need any stitches. Afterwards I was a bit shaky so I went to bed to feed Lara.


The birth was wonderful in our lounge, I felt very calm in control and it went exactly how I wanted it to. Her dad had the best birthday present, and that evening there was a wonderful double rainbow. My husband Nick who had worried about the mess and how safe it was going to be enjoyed the whole experience. 


I had a bath with 3 drops of lavender & cypress oils in; this aids healing, and is an antiseptic, which is also very calming. I took another dose of arnica, which I did every day for the next 2 weeks to lessen blood loss. Try to have a bath every day for the first couple of weeks.

I saw Elspeth who is qualified homoeopath, also a practising midwife during my pregnancy, contact her on 07976 891393.

Also if you suffer with backache or other aches contact Sue Weller on 01785616010. She really helped me as I do quite a lot of heavy lifting; I managed to work up til 2 weeks before having Lara.


Here the story of the birth of my son Callum

My birth plan was for a home birth, I hate hospitals and wanted a natural birth, but, my waters broke and nothing else happened so due to risk of infection I had to be induced. At this point I was scared and crying no longer in control of the birth I had planned so long for. This wasn’t good for an easy progression through labour. So this is how I tried to get back in control.

I had already started taking raspberry leaf tablets 4 weeks earlier and had been using wheatgerm to massage my perineum. So on the day of the inducement I:

My son was well & so was I. I’d had a 2 hour labour just using gas & air and a tens machine, with no stitches.


The important facts here are although it wasn’t the labour I’d planned, I still felt relaxed and in control, with my bag of natural remedies.


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Safe Use of Essential Oils

How to use Essential Oils


Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil.  Add 2 drops of oil per 5 ml teaspoon of vegetable oil, this amount should be halved for children, elderly, convalsecent and pregnant or nursing women.

Avoid using citrus oils on the skin before exposure to the sun

Avoid spice oils on the skin as they may cause irritation, they are best used in a burner.

If you have sensitive skin, patch test oils on the middle of your chest - put one drop of oil in a teaspoon of vegetable oil apply to small patch of skin and leave for 24 hours.  If you experience any reaction remove oil immediately.


Add up to 6 drops* to a warm not too hot bath that has already been run and ensure oil is well dispersed in the bath before getting in (swish water in bath around thoroughly).

When using with children, oils should always be added to a carrier oil or full fat milk before being added to the bath.

*The following oils should only be used up to the maximum number of drops stated;


Add up to 6 drops of oil to an aromatherapy oil burner, one of the safest and easiest ways to use essential oils.  If the room is small and warm use only 1-3 drops.

If you want to fragrance the whole house use 6-9 drops but leave all the doors and windows open.

Add up to 6 drops to a piece of cotton wool and put it behind a warm radiator.  This is very effective for preventing the spread of winter ailments, use tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus(2 drops of each)

Add 1- 3 drops of oil to a radiator magnet or light bulb ring.

Use a specially designed diffuser as per the instructions provided.

Guidance for Oils to Use:

Night time oils to make you relaxed and sleepy - Lavender, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Wood oils eg Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

Daytime oils to make you feel alert, invigorated, happy and uplifted - Citrus Oils, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Pine.


Add 2-3 drops to hot water (not boiling) and breathe in the vapour slowly - this is particularly effective for the treatment of colds and coughs.  The heat makes the oil evaporate quickly so don't be tempted to add more drops as this could make you cough.  Ensure you keep your eyes closed.  Caution - this method should not be used by asthma sufferers.

From a Tissue:

Add 1-3 drops to a piece of kitchen roll and take 3 deep breaths.  The tissue can then be placed in your shirt or under your pillow and the heat from your body will gently evaporate the oils.

Lavender, Marjoram or Clary Sage will help you sleep

Eucalyptus will help relieve a cold.

Tea Tree will help prevent you from catching colds or other germs that are around in the atmosphere.


A hot or cold compress can be used: hot for period pains, dull aches - Cold for sprains.

Add your chosen essential oil to the water, 2 drops for a finger compress and up to 6 drops for an abdominal pain and stir well.  Lower centre of the compress into the water so that only the area that needs treatment will be in contact with the oils.  Leave compress in place for at least an hour.  You may need to add more hot water if it becomes too cool but do not add any more oil.

Lavender, Chamomile and Marjoram are good pain relieving oils.


Pregnancy - do not use oils during the first 4 months then only use at half strength.  The following oils should be avoided throughout pregnancy - Basil, Cedarwood, Citronella, Clary Sage, Fennel, Hyssop, Juniper, Marjoram, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme.

Epilepsy/High Blood Pressure/Heart Conditions - Avoid Camphor, Fennel, Hyssop, Rosemary and Thyme.

Do not apply the following oils to the skin before exposure to the sun - Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Citronella, Mandarin.

Store oils away from homeopathic medecines

Only Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils can be applied neat to the skin.

Use milk or vegetable oil to clean up oils, and if you accidentally get oils in your eyes wash out well with vegetable oil to absorb the essential oil.

Avoid using essential oils near chemotherapy treatments as the smell will become associated with nausea.

Always remember when using essential oils that less is more they are very powerful so don't be tempted to add extra drops.

Oils with carcinogenic potential - Avoid

Other oils best avoided - Fennel, Nutmeg, Mace, Cinnamon, Ho Leaf, Star Anise.

Oils to avoid with cancer of the prostate as they interfere with blood clotting - Clove, Bay, Garlic.