Patchouli (Pogostemum Patchoul) Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

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Patchouli Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Used for Stress, IBS, bloating, scars, acne, athletes foot, eczema, and mature skin.

This oil was widely used in the 60's by hippies to instil peace and calmness.  It was also popular with bikers to perfume their leathers and jeans, so this aroma can evoke many pleasant memories.  This is an important part of how aromatherapy works, on an area of the brain which associates smell with past memories.  It is important that you pick an aroma you like when selecting oils to use.

Patchouli oil instils feelings of peace and if you are stressed it brings calmness and determination.

It also helps to curb the appetite and so can help those trying to lose weight.  Its effects on the skin means it also helps to tone up loose skin after weight loss.  Used for IBS it can relieve constipation and diarrhoea, feelings of bloatedness and it tones the colon.

A good oil for mature skin and scar tissue as it promotes the regeneration of skin cells.  Excellent for eczema as it heals chapped, cracked skin, soothes and calms down redness.  It is useful for the treatment of athlete's foot and for treating acne as it is an antiseptic as well as healing for the skin.


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Code G9-8ZQW-BW8B
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