Natures Answer - Black Walnut Alcohol Free 30ml

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Anti-parasitic and anti-worm, this astringent herb is used for digestive disorders and as very mild laxative. It creates an environment that is unfavourable for yeast and microbes while not destroying the good bacteria and natural flora. It may help constipation, ringworm, fungal infections.
Highly absorbable and alcohol free

Holistically Balanced Black Walnut Hulls extract, typically containing fluid extract (1:1), 1,000mg. Can be used to promote healthy flora levels.

Take 1/2ml or 1ml per day in a little water. May be increased to 1/2ml or 1ml, up to 3 times per day if required.

Black Walnut Green Hulls

Anti-Parasitic, which therefore means it should aid Parastic Worms and Intestinal Worms efficiently. 

Anti-Microbial, which therefore means it should combat viral/bacterial/fungal infections (incl. Candidiasis, Herpes and general Lymphatic Function)

- We recommend that you do not use this product during pregnancy/breastfeeding
- High dosages can cause nausea/abdominal pain (continuation of this side effect means that the use of this should be discontinued)


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Product Code 9D-OUBZ-8DJN
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