Clary Sage (Salvin Sclarea) Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

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Clary Sage Essential Oil for Aromatherapy
Used for Stress, PMT, Sleeplessness, aches and pains, child birth, asthma and migraine.

This oil is one of the most powerful relaxants that aromatherapy can offer, it will calm you down and aid sleep.
If you have a bad sleep pattern and don't get 6 hours uninterrupted sleep then simply put 1-2 drops of Clary Sage on a tissue under your pillow.  You will sleep soundly, wake up feeling refreshed and not drowsy in any way.
If you are a migraine sufferer this is worth using as it eases tension in the muscles and releases any underlying tension.

If you are recovering from an illness like flu, depression, after having a baby or when you are feeling run down this is a good tonic.  It promotes a feeling of optimism and cheers you up.
This oil is useful in treating asthma firstly as it relaxes the spasm in the bronchial tubes and secondly it eases anxiety and stress.
Period Problems - If you have irregular periods use Clary Sage in the first half of your cycle as this can help promote a regular cycle.  It will also help relieve the spasms associated with painful periods.

Clary Sage is also excellent at reducing sweating, so use it in any of the following ways if you suffer from hot flushes: 
Add 3 drops of oil to 5ml of almond or grapeseed oil and use it once a week for a massage, if you don't have a massage partner then apply it as a body lotion.
Bath every day in 6 drops added to a carrier (oil or milk)
Use the oil on a tissue, put 1 drop on a tissue and place under your pillow.
Use with an oil burner, diffuser or radiator magnet.

This is one of my favourite oils, especially in an evening bath.  It is also very popular with my husband to aid Stress and sleeplessness, he prefers the aroma as it is not floral like many of the other oils.  It also reminds me of having my daughter Lara, I used Clary Sage throughout my Labour which was easy and short.  For more information on oils in pregnancy please see my factsheets page where there is a pregnancy factsheet.


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