Aromatherapy Jojoba Massage Oil

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Aromatherapy Jojoba Massage Oil

Jojoba is one of the most versatile carrier oils, both for massage & beauty care. 

This yellow oil is actually a liquid wax which has a light texture and highly penetrative quality.  The chemical structure of jojoba resembles sebum, the skins own oily secretions, giving it excellent moisturizing and emulsifying properties. It also contains protein, mineral & myristic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent. 

It is suitable for all skin types, including blemished or oily skin, as it helps to unclog pores.  It is also indicated for inflamed & irritated conditions.  It may also be used as a hair conditioner and as a natural mild sunscreen.

Jojoba can also be used in cases of acne, eczema and psoriasis and because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is invaluable for red inflamed conditions such as dermatitis, arthritis and swellings of all descriptions.


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Code Y2-Y4UK-XF22
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