Welcome to the Tranquility Online shop

I set up Tranquility 10 years ago and run it myself alongside a busy family life. I find it very rewarding and I'm lucky to work doing something I enjoy so much. Over the last 10 years in business I have also helped raise money for numerous charities, local schools etc. I also have a showroom where we have fantastic displays of all the ranges of products that we sell where you can come and purchase from us.

Tranquility selects only the finest essential oils for both professional and home use. Our essential oils are pure, natural, undiluted and have been selected for their quality and character.

The oils are selected for their safety, so where there is a choice of species, the safest variety is always selected with particular attention being paid to those varieties that are safe for use with children.

Tranquility only selects products that are not tested on animals. Wherever possible Tranquility supports local crafts people, by sourcing products locally.

Tranquility operates a competitive pricing policy for all its products, with a low profit margin.

I try to run my business as 'Green' as possible so please forgive me if your packaging has been recycled. I also recycle cardboard & bottles and I'm happy to have empty Tranquility bottles returned to me to be recycled.


If you require any further information on products or would like to discuss your order please contact Justine DiCesare (Aromatherapist) at Tranquility using the following contact details:



Newport Road


ST16 1BQ

Tel 01785 540660

Mobile 07759 475874

e-mail aroma@sky.com