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Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Essential Oil for Aromatherapy - 20ml

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Tea Tree Essential Oils For Aromatherapy - 20ml

A cleansing, stimulating and revitalising oil renowned for its powerful action against bacteria, funghi and viruses.

Use for spots, MRSA, acne, athlete's foot, cuts, herpes, verrucae, warts coldsores

Tea Tree is a powerful immune system booster and a "must have" oil particularly valuable for first aid - another oil I always have to hand.

Use it around the home in a variety of ways to stop the spread of infections. Also useful both before and after an operation to prevent infections such as MRSA - If you are going into hospital take teatree with you to help prevent yourself from contracting MRSA or other hospital acquired infections - it will also boost your immune system if you are unwell and so increase your natural resistance to germs, coughs, colds etc.


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